Thank you Medium readers.

I am getting a direct deposit of $0.07 today from Medium.

That is my highest monthly earnings in the past six months.

Merry Christmas to me!!

So today is my 69th birthday.

I graduated high school in 1969.

69 is often mentioned in various forums here on Medium.

Not that I have any recent experience with…

So how did you do on Medium last month?

In March, I earned 2 cents & then doubled that in April to 4 cents.

Yea me…a 100% increase.

For May…

Yeah, that’s right.

Did so with not a whole lot of effort either.

I went from making 2 cents in March to earning 4 cents in April.

Who else on…

I first found Medium in the spring of last year.

I enjoyed reading and responding. Even composed a few original posts of my own.

For these efforts, over all of…

My heart is broken, but not in the same way as most of the unrequited love stories here on Medium.

So I am having heart surgery today.

For those of…

Today I turned 68 years old.

My alma mater lost its Homecoming game.

I am sad!

Can I get 68 claps for my birthday?

I am not a professional writer.

I am not on Medium to make money.

I recently hit my goal of breaking a buck in annual income here on Medium.


Calvin D. Johnson


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